Lately here were quite few posts about perfumes, mostly of them were novelties. I didn´t do it on purpose and even far from having in mind to make a sort of "Christmas-gift-list". Did it in the past and I am now done with that.
So sorry, but I need to share this one. After years of spontaneous-looking*, I finally found my winter-scent. I guess as it happens with Love, intimate things should come without any prediction, but in a simple spontaneous way. Never forced. That´s probably the reason why they normally lasts and become a part of you, your persona...a sort of trademark…in this case perceived with the sense of smell.

Released in 2009 by Serge Lutens, this warm, aromatic and very intensive fragrance, combines incense, pine needles, vetiver and bay leaf, with some accentuated spicy and fruit notes. The major inspiration for this composition got Lutens by the sound and the scent of pine forest in summer sun. This is just an another plausible reason to make this warm-infuse my true on-skin companion and partner in crime during upcoming cold months, years.

*meaning that I never looked for it intentionally, but literally it came in front of my view

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