Pardon my frankness, but who´s that ass? Strong, but very elegant too. Not to talk about those interiors, a kind-of Hermès details of the elaborated leather, colour and stitches inclusive. And this sophisticated colour? A mix between nude powder and soft beige is just one of many colour-options for the first-ever Bentley SUV – Bentyaga. Named after the peak in the Canary Islands, this novelty among prestige cars guarantees that is the fastest luxury SUV on the market ( a top speed of around the 300km/h benchmark, with four-second-to-60 acceleration) and is also offering a maximum performance, without forgetting the super-comfort part. Besides its luxury appearance (exterior), a mix of a classic Bentley and modernity, the interior luxuriously part speaks for itself; from materials, including wood, leather and metal, to many technological options. Discover all photos, videos, technological-informations and details about this five-metre supercar here

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