performed by madonna
directed by jean-baptiste mondino

How can one video be controversial, especially nowadays? When you put beside the word controversy a name like Madonna, the level of be-banned is on maximum. At least it was 25 years ago. Exactly on Nov. 6, 1990 Madonna released the first single from The Immaculate Collection, “Justify My Love.” A month later she filmed a video with a French-photographer, Jean Baptiste Mondino. not so long after banned by MTV. We all know that all prohibited things make them even more interesting, so it´s not so strange, that has been sold really well after being forced to be released as a video-single (a first-one ever in history). The “accident” is today remembered as one of the biggest controversies in Madonna´s career.

In order to celebrate the video´s 25th anniversary, made a special post about it.

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