Face masks have been back on the beauty spotlight in last years. The best way to do them is when we have time and by that, I don´t mean only the mask and skin preparation, but also the time to take to relax and enjoy it. That´s how it should be. But the reality is quite different. We are always on a rush, stressed and at the end of the day having that guilty-feeling of “not having done anything to ourselves, our skin*.  No problem! Clay mask or avocado home-made ones are now substitute** by sheet masks, also known as cloth masks. Unlike traditional mask, like mentioned clay one, these cloth versions are really easy to apply and without leaving you any greasy or sticky finger.

Each thin fabric mask comes individually wrapped in a separate sachet and is soaked in a effective serum. Each mask offers sealed in benefits and is very effective in conveying key ingredients deep into the skin. The sheet mask seals the product into the skin, as opposed to allowing a majority of the product to evaporate. While wearing it, probably you will not have the best look, but I guess having it on 15-30 minutes is not a big deal, because  promise to transform dull lacklustre skin into a healthy, radiant complexion; so  instantaneous result, making at-home facials that much easier.

I´ve picked my five favourite:

SK II Facial Treatment Mask is renowned for its skin plumping, radiance-boosting powers. Reviving and relaxing, it leaves skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear.

Nu Skin Tri-Phasic White Radiance Mask illuminates skin tone, promoting a radiant complexion, calms and soothes skin by minimizing irritation and redness and enhances skin softness and pliability.

Sarah Chapman's Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask envelops the face like a second skin to instantly hydrate, soothe and plump. Infused with a spa treatment serum, this energizing complex optimizes cell respiration and quenches dehydrated skin to give your complexion a radiant glow.

SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Restorative Masque is full of calming antioxidants and hydrating ingredients. Optimal for sensitive or compromised post-procedure skin, this highly efficient, supple, sterilized masque creates a protective barrier that helps facilitate the recovery process.

Estée Lauder's Cyberwhite Ex Extra Brightening Radiance Recovery Mask is the best for pre-party pampering, to transform your skin in record time. In just 5 minutes it helps put skin on a fast track to recovering a youthful looking luminosity, clarity and silky smoothness.

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