227g or 8oz. ofcoconut meat
57g or 2oz. of banana
470ml or 2 cups of water
120ml or 1/2 cup of soaked raw almonds
1 tablespoon of honey
pinch of sea salt (best is fleur de sel)
1/2 of whola vanilla bean
57g or 2oz. of pitted dates or 1 teaspoon of raw-local hooney

As much I am not a big fan of summer*, there are few things that can only summer bring; watermelon, sipping drinks in late night and of course ice-cream. Who doesn´t love it? Especially the last thing. From kids to adults, even pets**, everyone is a fan of ice cream. If you take it as a vice*** and you feel bad to eat it**** or even almost horrified and with a regretful sin after eating it, here is an ice-cold sugar craving without the guilt alternative – Freeze. The Los Angeles-based Pressed Juicery, known for cold-pressed juices, created this dessert, crafted with a base of coconut meat and sweetened with dates. Different recipes, flavours rely solely on the fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, with an occasional bit of dark chocolate. No more bad feeling, because it´s healthy as your morning fruit-vegetable shake.

Why not try then this healthy-delicious thing? You can make your own one…right now!

This recipe is for 4 serves (cca. 170g or 6oz. each)

Scrape meat from coconut***** and freeze it along with banana in advance of juicing. Then place almonds in a bowl and cover them with water, soaking for 2 hours. After that rinse and drain almonds and transfer to a blender along with water, salt, honey and vanilla bean. Blend everything on high for about one minute. Then cover a large bowl with a nut milk bag. Slowly pour the almond milk mixture into the bag, gently squeezing the bottom of the bag to release the milk. At the end combine all ingredients in a blender, blending just until creamy but not liquefied.

Enjoy immediately. Bon appétit!

Note - You can also substitute honey, vanilla bean, almonds, water,  and sea salt for 450g or 16 oz. of your favorite cold-pressed vanilla almond milk. Feel free both to try.

*most of all of sticky, too warm weather
** my dogs love it.
***which is good having one’s own…time to time
****really? Why is that?
*****as an alternative you can also buy frozen coconut meat

/ courtesy of pressed juicery /

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