London-based, Slovenian-born, jewellery designer Lara Bohinc is collaborating again with Lapicida, a British company specialized in natural stone. After creating the Solaris rotating table back in 2014, influenced by celestial forms, she has designed a follow-up furniture collection that will be launched in September at Decorex*. Inspired by stars and Venice, she made a three-piece collection under the name “Lunar”, including the Sun and Moon coffee table, the Full Moon side table and the Half Moon dining table made from brass, coloured marble and 18-karat gold pleated steel rims. The influence by Venetian architecture came mostly out by using marble inlays, in colours like verde Guatemala, red wine, Persian gold and black. 

The price range is from 5,995 pounds, or $9,364 for a Sun and Moon coffee table to 22,500 pounds, or $35,147, for a Half Moon dining table.

/ original images courtesy of lara bohinc /

* the design fair held in Syon Park, near London

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