text  by our contributing editor and photographer lisbeth breland saalmink  
images by lisbeth breland saalmink
__________________________________________________________ a man who practices a craft with great skill.
There is an extended knowledge and a digital accessibility. We share everything with each other without being in the sphere of physical contact.Yet, we will never get apart from the modern challenges, the basic human need; To still feel, touch, smell, look and taste.
As a buyer, you take a large engagement in knowing the solid foundation on how a products is made. From the solid foundation of the design to the final touch of a craftsman.  Where the product is able to be upheld its quality. From the designers sketches to the proud bearer. We look at it from a perpetual perspective.

The designer and founder behind the eclectic shoe brand The Last Conspiracy, Roald Nore, is a man that pours his soul into the strength of creating shoes and boots true to the purpose of utility and functionality.  He has found true love in creating boots that not only is for the bearer to enjoy.  But with his true aesthetic vision, his knowledge and a team of proud craftsmen. Each single step of the boots is carefully mended by a team of individual experts, each performing an artistic yet dying understanding of how to sculpture a shoe.
Somehow you find yourself to appreciate a shoe more when you know how carefully each levels of the production is mended. Shoes that are true to their purpose of utility and mobility.
The Last Conspiracy´s core value is a pride heritage, where the shoes has evolved with its history into modern day functionalityTake a  peek into the universe of TLC.

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