We are still in 2015, even the fashion hysteria is making from the 70´s differently. From my personal aesthetic point is not really my favorite era, but I kind-a-like that period ...from music, movie and even the fashion side. In that time the less is more thing was quite unknown; actually it was something like more is more, with a good sense of style and how to dose it. Different patterns, materials and colors to combine in one „fashion assembly“, were not that easy at all. You needed to have a feeling, a touch...a style gift. That´s why I was always so inspired by good dressed people from that period.
Beside inspiration and color-pattern daring side, the 70´s gave to one bag it’s proper and merit able status. The saddle bag; for centuries was just a carry "thing" during horse-ride, until fashion discover the beauty in that minimal shape to make it a timeless piece.

It´s a perfect daily bag...big enough to carry all your daily-need things (and the "really need" is important here), your hands are every time free and the weight of the bag (+ what´s inside) is distribute ideally, while carrying it. The size part has at least one more plus: you can find fast what are you looking for and I know that in other cases this is a "serious" problem.

My favorite choice from the season? Jill Sander.

/ image courtesy of joanna mcclure /

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