After finishing the period of practical training as a tailor, in 1991 René Storck established his namesake label. He sold his custom-made designs for many years in his three-room apartment.  . It was 2007, when with the help of an investor, he opened his first shop in Frankfurt at the exquisite Goethe Street. With the presentation of his collection at the Paris Fashion Week as well as the invitation to the Vogue Salon in 2011, the label seemed to take momentum. After a phase of his social reorientation, in the 2013 with the S/S collection, he launched its new, now completely self-run label René.

René´s style is characterized by minimalist, functional and yet sophisticated cuts.  His colour palette is most of the time composed by nude tones, whites and muted colours.  In every of his designs the Frankfurt-born designer always puts a big importance to the technical perfection, classic design and maximum functionality. No matter how much reduced the cuts are, the final product is always classy with that hidden expensive feeling (the same one Christophe Lemaire does for his brand or Hermès).

/ Original images courtesy of René Storck /

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