The online sales of S/S 2014 collections are mostly in their high-strenghts, somewhere are near to be ended, because the pre-collections are here; they already entered in the shops, without knocking first. But that´s fashion. F as fast. I still like to enjoy the season with all its colors and to resist the vortex of fashion seasons rules (when it´s cold weather, buy as it is the hot one and vice-versa).
Under the lense of photographer Lisbeth Breland Saalmink and textes from Marlo Saalamik and  Lisbeth Breland Saalmink, we are presenting three Danemark-based designers, their vision and their brands. A sort of behind the scenes. Intimately.

Founded in 2003, Wackerhaus is the eponymous universe of Danish designer Trine Wackerhausen. The brand aspires to create novel feminine expressions with a dash of sartorial power and a hint of masculinity. The overall look maintains one of controlled whimsicality combined with more structured modish silhouettes. Each garment is meticulously tailored and crafted with careful attention to details, lush wearability and multifunctional compositions. Their customer is effortlessly elegant, someone who opts for powerful sleek design, without compromising on refined quality, luxurious garments and timeless silhouettes. The label’s quest to merge sartorial cohesion, expressive cuts and perpetual design dispositions, allows for flexible diversity. Perennial muted shades and more colourful interpretations are allowed to interact, always in a controlled and stately manner.

For SS14 under the title ”Pool City”, the brand aims to provide women with a sense of reclaimed freshness, leaving the dark morose winter months behind. Equipped with a sense that time is on their side, they aim to reach for new heights. The collection is divided into two sections, a leisurely socializing part, featuring lightweight garments, casual knits, boxy sporty jackets and breezy long garments. In turn, these are contrasted by a more formal business section with structured blousons, fitted dresses and elongated layers such as a tailored trench and lengthy throw over cardigans.

In 2012 the danish designer Nicklas Kunz decided to start his eponymous brand, because he recognized a hole in the market that he thought he could fill. The brand stands for the exploration of dynamic masculine wardrobes. Each garment is a celebration of true freedom and outspoken manhood. Collections inspirations is drawn from the Nordic streets, athleticism, urban culture and the cleanliness of contemporary art. Graphic and directional, the Nicklas Kunz silhouette is freshly sleek with a touch of cheekiness. Technical dynamics of sportwear are fused with a profound love for functional tailoring and sartorial details. The brand embraces interaction, crafting individualistic pieces that comfortably defy the elements under any circumstances.

The S/S 2014 collection ” Color Blind Canis” consists of a monochromatic platte, black and white, his personality reflects with a strong colorful undertone. May that be why he is comfortable to progate such comprohensive sense of masculinity and street athletic manhood, where one find oneself challenge by the new rule of attitude and confidence. Growing up in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Nicklas was from early age inspired by how the garment could make a statement, and drawn to the look of how you could combine the grace of the masculine wardrobe with the streets and world of sports. Especially basketball.The functionalism of his individuality became the ingredient in Nicklas Kunz forward thinking utility of garment. As he states that there are four elements that fashion consists off; Personality, strength, attitude and sex. Might that be the reason why rapper Kendrick Lamar has been spotted wearing Nicklas Kuntz design. The SS14 propose the attitude of masculinity and sport where the awarenenss of the bearer shines through in his collection and images.

Bibi Chemnitz and David Røgilds are the couple behind the Bibi Chemnitz clothing label, established in 2006. Swept away from the cold dark plains of Greenland onto the cobbled streets of Copenhagen, the brand continues to dabble in both universes. The brand originally set out to develop crisp garments for aware global dwellers. The sporty silhouette embraces past and present and enables wearers to tackle each day willfully. Small town Nuuk and the ancient Inuit culture are mashed with modern urban cityscapes, to create innovative garments that withstand any test of time. Graphic, structured and defying ordinary standards, the brand presents their own take on shapes, precise tailoring and fresh leisure wear.
Time is subject to conditions, beauty fades, yet individuality remains fueled by personal expression. The S/S 2014 collection ‘’Limited Beauty’’ recaptures essential wardrobe staples, adding hidden details and a hint of melancholy underneath the surface. Scruffy cats can scrub up with a crisp array of tall streetwear silhouettes. For the boys, large printed shirts, graphic lines, basketball suits, oversized hoodies and minimal polo’s are reworked. For the ladies, cropped tops, biker shorts, fluid sheer dresses and sleek leather caps, allow for a smooth transition into the lighter season.

/ Original photos by Lisbeth Breland Saalmink and textes from Marlo Saalamik and  Lisbeth Breland Saalmink /

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