If you think about Christophe Lemaire aesthetic, you get in mind references from Chinese workwear (especially the Mao era; mind his collarless shirts), nomads, eighties Japan and the New Wave. Lemaire is collection to collection more and more a believer that you need to upgrade your wardrobe, to build your own style and not change it every season. And he is right. As he said once, that his is a 50% work and he is doing it as perfect-as-possible, the other 50% is on the garment´s owner side; the person make a piece alive and not the opposite.
His always present elements, such as large, carrot-shaped multi-pleat pants, loose and draping coats, collarless work-shirts and yak-wool knits, were this time updated and refreshed with an urban vibe, by adding leather jackets, Scottish-thick sweaters and many jeans elements. My favourite pieces were the black wool-cashmere trenchcoat with the removable collar and the prolonged peacoat. Smart and meticulously made pieces for a perfect daily-wear.

/ Original photos courtesy of Christophe Lemaire /

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