Elina Dobele is a Latvian architecture turned into a shoe-designer. She uses only supreme leathers that have been tied, welded and morphed, in order to shape each individual piece. The craftsmanship is for her the key and her hand designed shapes and constructions always remind us of this. Her inspirations always come from strong and irreverently unique personalities, such as Nick Cave, Charles Bukowski or Joseph Beuys.

Her F/W 2014/2015 collection, photographed by Lisbeth Breland Saalmink, explores her architectural heritage. Each pair of shoes embraces a suspenseful dialogue between geometry and substance. The shoes boast a sense of character, underline by divisions crafted out of layered shapes and textures. All lines follow purposeful patterns, marking clear beginnings and ending points. Sensible and functional.

/ Original photos, taken by Lisbeth Breland Saalmink, courtesy of Elina Dobele /

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