About two weeks ago I posted the first official image from Peter Movrin´s MA degree collection "Lu Gedigte Perlaopis"...and also promised you to reveal the whole set; the-day comes today and you can see all images photographed by Maya Nightingale. 

"Collection's basic premise is that clothing should be regarded as adornment for body, as precious as jewelry, thus transcending the norms of fast and furious ready-to-wear. A quintessential bourgeois artefact, a pearl necklace, can produce an effect much alike that of a body mutilation, a scar, that most intimate adornment of them all. While researching the Ethiopian tribes' practice of body scarification or decoration the polished sculptures of Constantin Brâncuși kept popping up. The result is a very tactile monochromatic collection, where through manipulation and deformation garments become hidden jewelry pieces. With the final look pearls diffuse into an exotic print as a shout out to the wilderness, to the lost paradise and to painter Emil Nodol. It's an invitation to celebrate." - the official statement of the collection.

“Bijoux never leaves you cold. You always have an emotional response to a piece of jewelry, it carries so much family heritage, and when you have the honor to receive it you are in some way initiated into a society. I believe the same reaction should be expected of garments.” - Peter Movrin

The collection itself proves the versatility of Peter as a designer, combining daily wear elements with haute couture details. My favourite petermovrin collection so far and the one that include the outfit (the main photo and the first one) that I easily see myself to get marry with it.

/ Credits: photography - Maya Nightingale, Make-up - Špela Ema Veble, model - Barbara S.( ModelGroup), flowers - Dafnis /

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