On Tuesday May 14th, the brand's first flagship shop, a 3,800-square-foot space located at 8440 Melrose Place in Los Angeles, will officially open.
To create the mid-century-like modern space Mary-Kate and Ashley worked with designers Courtney Applebaum and David Montalba in combination with local furniture and antiques vendors including JF Chen, Thomas Hayes Gallery, Blackman Cruz and Galerie Half. For two sisters is important that the store rapresents Los Angeles.

They refer to the spaces on either side of the pool courtyard as the west and east galleries, the west staged to resemble a dining area and the east a living room, while a third, smaller space in the front of the building is referred to as the library. “Ultimately, for us, it was about setting it up like a home and just having the apparel be a part of the space,” said Ashley.
"We have all 170 pieces in our collection represented here. A lot of stores obviously don't buy the whole collection, maybe 20 percent, so this is really the place where we can present it like a showroom," Mary-Kate said to WWD.

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