I have it in my mind to get me one for quite long time...but still didn´t find "the one"; not into the hard-material one, to look like a mechanic, neither very soft, flawing material to look too softy; yes, I am looking for a "golden middle" :). Short sleeved or long doesn´t matter...very into the simple one with sporty-elegant mixture...for now kind difficult to find or maybe I am too picky (well, not a big offer of men jumpsuits out there).

Styling options? Maaaany...sporty-like as shown here or also worn with a simple cotton t-shirt and with jumpsuit sleeves knotted around the waist…paired with sneakers or sandals or even loafers...or more elegant version with a tailored shirt and a pair of derby shoes. 

/ Original photos courtesy of T Magazine /

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