After 9 long days "Tedore" is back, with the same flair, desire and childish-like curiosity to discover and serve you what fashion and beauty in general can offer nowadays. No more on te-dore.com. The right and only "Tedore" destination address from today on is: tedore.at
To be sincere it has been also 9 painful and nerve wracking days for me, thinking about the uncertain future of the blog...the biiiig problem was the hosting company of my previous domain and that was also the reason why the web address needed to be changed. I will not polemicize and neither will point the finger to anyone. "Tedore" lives on and that´s what really counts for me.

For a great support I would say a big THANK YOU to Fleur Glansbeek (she is also the realizator of the "Tedore" website look and the super-talented look creator for many blogs and websites. Take a look at here website here) and to a web technician Sinisa.

A special biiiig THANK YOU goes to all of you, my beloved followers. Without your support "Tedore" would be much weaker and who knows that will also celebrate its first 5 years. No better timing I guess for this change...like re-born.
With all my Love,


/ Original image courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela /

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