Monochrome looks are always cool, clean and fresh...for me the best ones. Like here, for example: a simple multi-layered outfit in white*, contrasted with some black elements. Too simple, too basic? Maybe once it was, when all T-shirts, sweatshirts, trenches,…etc. looked the same -  very plain and dull. Nowadays a range of good basic pieces to choose/get are way wider and to be frank, they are not that easy-basic anymore. For me a really good basic piece is the one you can easily wear and combine with other pieces you have and will have. At the end that´s the point of building a solid wardrobe. A personal one. I would tell you a lie if I don´t admit that season trends still steal my attention...and sometimes and extra euro...yes, it still happens, but I am happy** that this became very rarely. A good way/solution to not fall on that trick is to think at least twice, before you make a possible impulsive decision; think what you have***, think what your style needs and buy o n l y what is missed. Like in every aspects of life: less is more. Easier to maintain, enjoy and it use with less stress.

* with two bottom options: pants+footwear
** with myself, my behave
*** a step before is about cleaning your closet; to donate or sell things you didn´t wear even once in last six months; more about that next time


  1. Combinaison parfaite du blanc et des escarpins noirs, ça donne envie de printemps !

  2. I love this look and i love the bag!!!!

  3. Dominique Caniando26 March 2014 at 19:58

    love all the items!

  4. Humberto Maraja26 March 2014 at 20:00

    The proof one can learn something new every day! xx