In something more than a month Lykke Li will released her new new album "I Never Learn" on May 02 in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Australia, South Africa , May 05 worldwide and on May 06 in Italy, Spain, US, Canada, South America. Two weeks ago she released video for new song "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone"*; directed by Tarik Saleh, it's a close-up portrait of Lykke. Two days ago it was the turn for a new song..."No Rest For The Wicked". 

The album is co-produced by Björn Yttling, Greg Kurstin, and Lykke. It's the final part of the trilogy, which includes 2008's Youth Novels and 2011's Wounded Rhymes

You can pre-order the upcoming album by clicking here. To see Lykke Li´s upcoming tour dates, clik here.

* you can read the lyrics of the song here


  1. very interesting! thanks!

  2. LOVE her songs! Thank you so much for sharing!