I got really inspired by yesterday´s The Row collection*; cozy, simple and precious, the same feeling I´ve tried to do with an outfit made of bright cream "basic part" by Black Crane and adding some "pop of color"** with a nut-color trench coat by The Row. Beside the cozy-must-be, the structure of the outfit was made with layering***. For chilly weather days you can substitute the linen vest with the one of soft cashmere. The final touch? Monk or derby shoes + wool socks, of course. The outfit is actually for a bit warmer weather, like in Spring, but always a good tip for a possible outfit idea.

* for now my favorite F/W 2014/2015 collection
** as I could say so :P I simply adore basic,earth colors
*** under the trench we got the vest, under the vest we got a sleeveless dress and under the dress lovely, wide culottes