JACQUEMUS F/W 2014/2015

The collection made mostly by a sponge-like material that at first look may appear like neoprene is an eruption of modern, near to futuristic voluminous shapes. Jacquemus opened the collection with plain white tunics, skirts and cropped jackets with oval side pockets an paired with black, slouchy pants, continued with a transparent synthetic organza with circle white and baby-blue appliqués, then continued, back again with layering-cropped pieces firstly in baby-blue then in vivid-blue and near to total black outfits, like the oversize t-shirt and jacket.. Some pale yellow and a strong orange at the end. Beside the slouchy pants, the constant elements present through the whole show are sneakers with white socks. 
Still fresh, still very young is Jacquemus for next winter and still a must-to-have are all of his coats; and not only. 

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/ Photos courtesy of Jacquemus /


  1. J’aime tous les looks

  2. Un mix original mais plutôt sympathique :)

    xxx CarolineJ