What makes you joyful if not being unexpectedly surprised?* I thought that by Calvin Klein we will see again nicely-made minimalistic garments, as the brand did till now. Nope. Here comes the surprise. Francisco costa made his collection almost 85 of knits; and I am not talking about jumpers or vests, but a sweater-style dressing design that is already a leading** trend for F/W 2014/2015. Where is the surprise, are you asking? A gypsy meets cooler and urban collection inspired by portraits of German photographer Loretta Lux***. Something unusual for Calvin Klein, but very welcomed; with open arms.  Hand-stitched turtle necks and tunics, paired with tube below the knee skirts, furry-mohair dresses, mohair and cashmere coats, some with a gradient color, with an oversize safety pins closure****.  It will all a cozy-warm winter next year for Calvin Klein; and not only.

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* positively of course
** by what we saw till now (here, here and here for example)
*** his childhood inspiration

**** instead of classic buttons

/ Photos courtesy of Calvin Klein /


  1. Love it!!! So nice!!!

  2. I really love this but first I’m hoping spring arrives soon ;) xx

  3. I am loving the coats!!

  4. HOT. Best NYFW show for midi skirts