Which is the best ever piece during cold winter time? A nice, soft and with good quality sweater. A must! The one to warm you, make you a happy-easy going feeling. No itchy-stichy! no, no, no, no!! It must be a sort of your daily protector; the one that doesn´t make you even more trouble, but the one that will easy you any possible situation (you know which role a teddy bear got in our childhood? Ok, so the same role has the nice sweater...for us, older...pardon I mean grown ones :P).

I picked from most of web-shop sale offers around and pick my seven favorite ones. All of them have same things in common: to be possibly timeless (not just a season thing. I promised to myself to not do a season-buy mistake anymore, but to optate on something with a long lasting effect), soft, best possible materials (mostly wool with less poly-things) and most of them with a price tag lower of 300€.

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  1. Love the one from Yang Li and from Isabel Marant

  2. You look super gorgeous!