Dries Van Noten is not really a minimalist or essentialist, especially if we mind his trademarks, like embroidery and print. This time was different, with no embroidery, neither prints. All were replaced by colors: yellows, pinks, blues and greens. There was a lot going on. The runway score was a mix of rave, punk, skate and techno; and this information should give you an idea of the collection. Rave renaissance on a street would be a perfect title for it. Garments like coats, jeans jacket and businessman shirt were purposely made ancient with dyed technique and then acid-washed, aviator pants with zippers, safety belts, colorful fur boas, frill-necked poet shirts, printed velvets, skater shorts and technical sneakers. 
A mix-match of everything that we normally see on streets, like in Paris for example. Streetwear always had and will influence designers in their process of making a collection, styling, but never was as literal as it was during this fashion week. 

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