Known for his minimalism, most of the time black only, Yohji Yamamoto a bit shocked us with his F/W 2014/2015 menswear collection. Why? From a minimalist you didn´t expect such a multitude and mishmash prints. Definitely his, opposite to minimal, maximal collection so far. If you don´t look at photos from the collection, you can get a point what I am talking about, by listing you few details from it: fall shades and leafs for a camouflage like effect on jacket and trousers, prints inspired by traditional tattoo motifs, such as oversize roses, serpents, skulls and chains on leather parka, suits and cropped pants or decorative zips that gave on most outfits an extra volume on the armhole, leg or back. Now you put all those patterns on clothes presented on a Yohji-way - multi layering. Collars over collars, pants over pants. This time is a (too) much, than a less. 

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/ Photos courtesy of Yohji Yamamoto /