Damir Doma showed us how his workwear-industrial man from the S/S 2014 dresses during winter time. It was all on strong textures; brushed alpaca coat, inverted jacquards, tapered trousers paired with short-sleeved shirts or sporty jackets and some futuristic- sporty elements, like a glossy polyamide on tunic like parkas, bombers and sleeves.

I think that Damir Doma is getting collection after collection more safe in his aesthetic, design. The image of the Doma man changed for my opinion (too) radically; from a poetic, intellectualman to a worker, economy-conscious man. Ok, there is nothing wrong if you make clothes in the way to sell them more, but you can not put this on top of your priority list; especially if you are Damir Doma. Because, as it happened, there´s no more magic, no more thrills and excitement in the air. It just an another collection, another brand. Like many others out there.

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/ Photos courtesy of Damir Doma /


  1. Totally agree with you; I do not see anymore Doma

  2. To grey-ish and black, bit boring