It´s official…holidays are over! And with it also eating too much (mostly heavy food), less or none movement, drinking alcohol (one of the highest drinking period in a year…and it´s not just about champagne!). But we didn´t overdone only with food and drinks, the new year means also to overview (almost) a little what you have done (or/and didn´t) in the past year. Bad habits? What I missed?...etc. In one word, it´s a DETOX time.

Detox for me is not only the process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from my body (this is definitely not with drinking lemon water or starvation)…it´s also a process to clean or let´s say purify our soul, habits. We all tend to do some things in a way we shouldn´t, like me spending too much money or let´s say it in that way: I tend to buy not just need, essential things, but also the ones with a less importance, the ones with the) “expiry date” aka season stuff. But about this in the next post (episode ;) ).

Now let´s start with the main purpose of the word “detox”, cleaning our body, inside and outside. 

A good idea is to write down a NO and YES to do list. When you are doing it, you have to be 100% sincere with yourself...if not, where´s the point of this? Half done things brings you half-made results ;)

Less sugar and no stress making are probably the toughtest ones for me from the lest. I can not remove choccolate...sorry. I will try to eat it less, that´s for sure :P The same "problem" is my hyperactive personality which time by time is a good stress maker for me ;) Need to learn how to calm down, relax and enjoy every moment. more disposed on spontaneous things. That´s already from my "YES" list :)

This kind of a detox shouldn´t be a pain in the ass thing, but something you are happy to do or willing to some changes in your enrich it, bring it on another, higher level. Just for your own good.

Good luck with it to you all! (and me too ;) ) + do not forget to report me how is going

p.s.: I already started with Yoga and sugar-less meals...and it looks by now great!


  1. Need to do this

  2. I tend to start it, but never finished it. Actually I leave it after a less than a week :P