One of things that I always wished to own and searched almost everywhere was a bomber jacket, actually a perfect one! Finally I found it...and do I need to write down that now I also own it? ;) But let´s start from the beginning. What a perfect thing is? Perfection as a meaning by itself it is a quite boring status...but following or longing for it, it´s stimulating. In the terms of clothing and in my specific case, the perfect bomber jacket that I´ve looking for ages (btw, did I mention to you that I was looking for his winter version?) must have following properties:

- a classic and timeless piece, but still fresh and modern
- warm
- soft and comfortable
- day to night version
- minimalistic in details

That was my ideal-list to check every time I found an interesting version of that jacket, but I always missed something...until Petja Zorec made one for her capsule collection and  so she made also the end  to my re-search (thank you Petja!). The Zorec bomber jacket with a wool patent is a double-face version: one in a soft high-tech shell and the other version in an interesting blue lace with a white contrast (on the photo you see the first version with a lace side lining). A two in one timeless piece.


  1. I can´t see how it looks, but I guess looks nice!

  2. Is that really the lace? Woud love to see it how it looks like :)

  3. Gorgeous!! I know what you mean by saying a perfect one

  4. Cool idea to have an sporty, but also an elegant version. I am thinking to get somwthing similar for myself.