Educated at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Malin graduated with a BFA in Jewellery Art, 2008 and a MFA in Textiles, 2011. Since then she moves between the fields of jewellery art, fashion and art.

In 2013 her eponymous jewellery label was established and launched. Based on devotion to craftsmanship and with renewal as key, the brand aims to find the perfect balance between wearability and the tactile and expressive qualities characteristic for jewellery art. The result is jewellery, daring in its visual expression yet poetic and elegant with its intense attention to detail and texture.

All pieces are handmade in Stockholm, Sweden.


Choker necklaces are not new in the market, actually women used them for centuries. Sometimes to hide the aged neck, most of the time for ornamental uses and sometimes were taken on a different meaning under different circumstances. For example, a plain red ribbon choker has ties to prostitution, while a plain black woven/ribbon can either signify secret lesbianism (trend rose in depression era, sometimes termed 'romantic friendships'), or (with metal addendum) ties to BDSM subculture. 

Versions made by Malin  are unique and true symbiosis of architecture shape and natural elements. A nice add to your (why not) daily outfits and an extra touch for the evening ones. + the name of each choker is like mathematic, simpatico thing!

We are also very close to Christmas... they are a very lovely gift.


  1. Very like the first one. Thanks for sharing

    xx Anja

  2. Love love love it!

  3. I love that it’s made a come-back!