Christmas period always brings great news and I do not have any logical explanation for that, neither I want to discover it. I just like it that way (you know when they said: "Do not touch something/someone that is ok...´cause you can ruin it." Can I?). There´s not a present point here (about this maybe in a next post)..well, actually it is...it´s a surprise news for me; a long-awaited come back of my favorite TV series in last 10 years (before it was just the inimitable Sex and the city). Girls!!! And they third season.

Where we left or what you missed (two seasons, duuh! If you didn´t watch them till now, do it before you start the third season) from our favorite Brooklyn residents? A refresh video below...

What should we (possibly) expect from the third season? Hannah´s book-evolving career? Marnie continuing as a brokenhearted mess? Where´s a free spirit Jessa? She returns?(do you imagine Girls without Jessa? N O T!). OOhh, Shosh undergoes a sexual awakening. Ray, now a coffee-slash-pizza place owner, wants Shosh back...will he succeed? Adam and Hanna back together? Charlie´s leaving...someone said a RIP word? (omg, no!).
Let´s tease us with two official trailers now...

I already noted this: The award-winning series returns on January 12 with a two-part premiere airing at 10pm on HBO.