We are really close...exactly seven days, a week to the pre-Christmas eve...and I didn´t forgot to make a "my Christmas whish list" (ok, a letter to Santa), but I will post it in a different way. In the next seven days, each day one present that I would Love to receive, have or just dream about it. And this year I am into essential, timeless pieces and no seasonal trends; we may call it long term investments.
At the end we all know that "the get" point is not important as it is to spend a lovely evening and the day with family, but we all Love gifts, don´t we? :)

Just click on "Read more" to discover my first gift from my wish list...

One of best gifts ever are always a good book, to not fed only the superficial us, but to re-stablish back the ontelect with our spirit. A must have book of this year is Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

By turns tender and trenchant, her third novel takes on the comedy and tragedy of American race relations from the perspective of a young Nigerian immigrant. From the office politics of a hair-braiding salon to the burden of memory, there’s nothing too humble or daunting for this fearless writer, who is so attuned to the various worlds and shifting selves we inhabit — in life and online, in love, as agents and victims of history and the heroes of our own stories.A great book, a fantastic company. 


  1. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I´ve read this book and it´s really amazing!