This year is really a "Backpack year" in the bags area...for both genders made in any imaginable material and for all occasions. To be sincere, I was never a big fan of bagpacks...well, I got few during my primary and secondary school period,...and for cliché things such as mount hiking...but it was not on my daily menu. Until this year (an exception was a backpack incorporated on Peter Movrin´s masterpiece top; do you remember it?)...when something comes on a trend list, then most of brands do their version of it...consequently you got a great variety of that product. This happened also with the backpack.

I already have three on my wish list: a striped and simple one by Raf x Eastpak, the black gorgeous by Fleet Ilya and  a super clean by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Here is one more! No, not a black one anymore...but you already see it! (photo on the top) It´s white Mark 1 quilted leather backpack from VMU London. Available also in a red and a black version. If I compare them all (price, design and usability), I think this one is my match!

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