If for the S/S 2014 Dries Van Noten´s menswear collection was Cindy Blackman Santana´s live drumming performance the soundtrack of the show, was Colin Greenwood´s bass (yes, Radiohead´s bassist) yesterday at womenswear presentation. He adapted the bass line from the Radiohead song “My Iron Lung”.
Ok…the ambient was really nice, but let´s talk about what I went to see, clothes. It was a stunning parade of dark tulip damasks, black ruffles, some Byzantine gold and lots of embroideries.

It was like when you make something simple rich with lots of details, a sort of poor-rich mixture, especially the big gold thing in the collection-from the flowers and ruffles to gold leather waistcoat, skirt and dresses to models eyelashes and the gold line in the hair. All details were done meticulously near to perfection, somehow recalling Noten´s coutourish wish-side. The show was like a tribute to decadency, when the gold´s reflection is the only light in the dark place. 

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/ Photos courtesy of Dries Van Noten /

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