Sorry for being repetitive…but here we are again with the same main formula, 90´s vibe + lots of white and black with an addition of pop colors. Now it was a turn of Jeremy Laing. I guess that for now, on by what we saw, next summer is SOOO 90´s!

The Canadian designer made a collection where the line between woman and man was near to be erased…let´s just say blurred (I can easily imagine all pieces to be worn by a man or a woman, except some dresses). His fantastic street wear collection was composed by oversize tunics layered with anoraks and coats, wide shorts, pencil skirts and bustier tops. Lots of sheer organza, nylon and linen.Jaremy Laing is pushing his boundaries by discovering a more sexier, feminine part of his woman, man too.

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/ Photos courtesy of Jeremy Laing /

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