About a week ago Copenhagen Fashion Week offered to us some brilliant collections. By brilliant I mean inspiring, something above the other, magical.  One of those or let´s put in this way: my favorite one is from Anne Sofie Madsen.

She is really known by a great combination of futuristic-warriors elements combined with streetwear basics. Anne Sofie´s  girl, why not, woman too for the next spring/summer is inspired by (hell yeah) three boys:  Kaspar Hauser,a German youth who claimed to have grown up in the total isolation of a darkened cell, Rubber Johnny, a six-minute experimental short film and music video directed by Chris Cunningham in 2005 about a boy with the ability to contort his body into unnatural positionsin and by Inochi, a young robot boy pawned from the mind of artist Takashi Murakami.  The result of analyzing the identity  and the background of these three boys, what they did and the human body, is a collection fulfilled with disproportional elements mixed with the motocross contestant´s “uniform”, like bulky tops, mesh tops and ample trousers.

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Photos courtey of Copenhagen fashion Week

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