I am way too much sweating right now while I am writing this (the air condition mitigates just a little bit this harsh summer situations) and it´s quite funny that I am actually writing about winter clothes, but i can´t get out of my skin. It´s just me and my biiig Love for this. Actually fall and winter season is my favorite in the clothing term. You are able to wear more things compared to summer when is just a shorts or pants and a T-shirt thing (well, sometimes this less is also way too much - I am repeating myself- like last feeeew days when the temperature is so high and also it´s humid outside). summer talking in this post anymore! Let´s concentrate on the fall...winter. As I already said many times before, black is definitely my favorite color and it´s not strange that all garments here selected by me are black! :)
Colder days are so cool, because you can play with layering. Here I propose two different looks, but with the same vibe and with the main object of styling (and desire), a 01 soft winged camp jacket by Rick Owensmade mostly by baby alpaca. Jacket´s boxy silhouette and short sleeves are a perfect option if you would like that your layering would be seen. The first styling include a classic cashmere sweater - need to say a big m u s t to have in your wardrobe - under the before mentioned jacket, here by the label 02 Esk. If the weather will be a bit colder than what you suppose, well why not layer under the sweater a lovely and a bit transparent long sleeve 07 T-shirt by Ann Demeulemeester? This type of T-shirt is really on daily basis.
Underneath we have (yes, yes my Love type of prolongued shorts) 04 wool and silk shorts by MarvielabThe drop crotch and the volume will make your look more relaxed and a bit effortless. 
A clever choice of accessories is always what upgrades your look (or in other case it can also be destroyed). I would optate for a nice, really nice pair of  05 Yang Li´s ankle tie derby shoes. For the final touch i would pick 03 Dries Van Note´s raised pattern pony skin bag (that could be worn as a clutch or a shoulder bag) for an extra femininity and the 06 floral cap by Piece D´Anarchive to add to the whole look an urban vibe.

The second look is still urban, daily but:
- a bit less feminine, due the nice (oooh omg, how i want this piece!!) 09 artisanal crafted wedge rucksack by Fleet Ilya
- a bit tight, due the 08 diamond top stictched leggings by Piece D`Anarchive
- a bit tougher due the 10 heavy tread army boots by Rick Owens

These are some of my favorite pieces for (I hope soooon) the upcoming season...the best thing of them is that you can wear them as separates in any possible and imagiable way. So shop and play!

Photos courtesy of LN-CC

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