Exposed belly was a part of the S/S 2013 season and this is continuing in the Resort 2014 collections too. But there is a but! Cropped tops with a belly out (showing your skin) is, to be sincere and tasteful, suitable for young women...the one in good shape (if it´s trendy and you do not have that type of body, it doesn´t mean that you must wear it, but find a perfect match for your body type in the whole clothing range). Well, Resort 2014 is giving a variation of the cropped top as part of layering, so now suitable also for older ladies (but I cannot repeat the same thing with the body shape I did in the line before? And we are not into discrimination, but different clothes on different types...just be yourself and build your own style with a good sense of auto-criticism). 

Click on "Read more" to see the selection of 14 designers and their proposals.
So crop, crop, crop! :)

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