It happens to me a lot of times that I did not pay attention on pieces that I saw on runway shows (or did not like them at all), but when I "re-discover" the same pieces in the shop, is like a true love (or blossom time in me). The same happened with these three (for me) great pieces by F/W 2013/2014 Dries Van Noten menswear collection.

I am not into print thing. I am not a lot into colorful pieces. Or even more i am not into mixing more than three colors in the same time. But i simply Love Dries Van Noten aesthetic. I do not see all stuff that he makes on me, but some I definitely do. I can even not explain this, why is that, because i wear most of the time black and for example light grey is already a color for me. Well, is like all those unexplainable things that happen to you in your life. And Dries is one of them.

Just click on each image and you will be re-direct to get more information about the piece or even buy any of them. Enjoy! :)

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