Sandals...the most love-able shoes for warm days (Summer)...even that flat sandals - i mean one with no heels or wedges...real daily sandals...of course for evenings could be too -  are not a perfect choice for leg´s health...but guys, they are airy, light and (mostly) comfortable, so that´s why we Love them! I can not really imagine close shoes...all sweaty - claustrophobic for  feet - feeling.

They are always in many types - hmmm, do i need to repeat that i am talking now only about flat sandals? ;), i guess no - but for me the best design choice is or a very simple one or a romantic-renaissance inspired models. One of the best pick for this summer?  Lace up ones by Pierre Hardy.
They are quite timeless, so why not to invest in less and - timeless - best pieces*, which you can re-use and re-interprate every season? 

They are available here or here.

* OOhh god! Big debate will be on this topic too...soon!

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