I am quite speechless...well not because i am impressed...neither that i am disappointed...i juts have nothing to say. I feel i am in the middle zone for this; which generally is not a good thing. I guess is better to have a bad reaction rather that have none. It´s a good collection? Yes, it is...but it´s lovely not stunning! It´s Balenciaga? Yes, it is...but a déjà vu one. I do not want to go on the "Missing Ghesquière´s aesthetic" thing (well, i really do!!) and it is not that i do not give a chance to Wang (i do!). We are on round two for Balenciaga by Wang, but i do not see any improvements. I do not see Balenciaga as to be a visionary brand (maybe because Wang is not enough visionary ?). positive point in all of this is that this Cruise (Resort) collection is really sell-able and there´s no doubts that Wang is a master in that.

Click on photos to see the true size.

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