Vincent is the brand of Vinvent Bellici (born Vincenzo Bellici) studied the theory of fashion attending also practical courses that today enable him to follow all the stages of production. Since his debut, he has been creating his clothes in an atelier in Palermo, alongside accessories, created in collaboration with a silversmith in town. 

F/W 2013/2014
A fabric as a spider web, thick sugary, sparkling organza and pvc, muslins, satin And soft leather draw the horizon where Vincent’s fw 13/14. 

The reflected light and the color stratified in soft iridescent fabrics form a Vitreous texture, like an aqueous gel. The shirts have a digital print on the front, with a cartoon mood inspired bt the Lights of folk festivals: sparkling, colorful, they create a dialogic connection with Artists like Massimo Bartolini and Mariagrazia Pontorno, from which Vincenzo Billeci drew inspiration. 
Laces for skirts, thick as snow, are combined by frozen green mint organza And a nylon “glaze” a “glaze” under which you can see shine colored crystals As kept in apnea: are strings of colored bulbs under the smokes of the festivals. 
Aqueous reflections and metal surfaces generate thick and glassy garments producing a myriad of colorful movements ranging from magenta to violet; from orange to pink dandy or as in the case of the screen skirt characterized by the central “ out out carrè ” draw a screen with refractive colors. A balance between geometric structures and dynamic colors, in a wardrobe that Tries to give a moment of poetic and fragile rainbow.

Beside his (already famous) "Cow bag" in this collection he propose us a "Rosalia" bag; a hand made clutch bag with a silver rose, inspired by the cult of Saint Rosalia.

Vincent woman dna is a combination of tradition, sicilian heritage with the modern approach and innovative materials.



Art Direction: Vincenzo Billeci

Photos by Vito Faugiana 
Image Consultant: Antonio Schimera 
Model: Pavlina Eneva @ Urban Management 
Hair & make-up artist: Marika Bongiardino 
With Special thanks to Giuseppe Taormina

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