The new winter season of Covherlab live of sparks and electrical shock. Nuclear skies experiencing the agony of explosive waiting and translates in an electrical design that makes from oxymoron and lopsided harmony a cardinal value. In fact, echoing of post-atomic Japanese compositions, intolerant of the unique perspective and of the aesthetic decoration laws and also from the fauvist passion of the artist Alex Kanewski. 


Hence a material lexicon that proceeds by incongruous juxtapositions and does not fail to result in an unpredictable concept of the sublime. Here is the role of wool and jersey cotton flexed in a range of variable density; poplin and georgette, which more substantial plots offset in weight; nylon and microfiber coated, as sporty counter point through the glamour  soul of the collection.

The solid core of the silhouette that dampens the manner of dry and surgical of the line, with a floral and organic modular geometric, reworked from some suggestions of '40. The shoulders are shaped and increased in volume, or else fade into a spherical curve of wider sweetness. The skirts glide on calf: straight and tubular, crossed by steep cuts elsewhere softer and draped-but always supported by a fascinating solemnity. The robe-manteau are tied as dressing gowns, with a gesture typical of oriental refinement, the coats are formed over. The watchful hand of Marco Grisolia on everything, that makes theatrical the stylization and polysemic the simplicity. Like for the sleeves and epaulettes-revisiting the cache col. 

Interlocking segments, alternations of solids and voids, which enhances the chromatic textures and color concentrates. Gray and olive green, rust and flesh color, highlighted with strokes of the marker: fluorescent yellow, electric blue, fuchsia and shocking pink. In the general tend of monochrome pattern only a few juxtapositions and a jacquard in diamond pattern that is pure abstraction of tartan. 

The bags are made of reinforced fabric, profiled contrast, with enameled brass plaques that make use of the art of Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia. Giuliana also made stylish buckles in metal and enamel, for the straps in calf.



Developed by: Studio DModa
Photos by: Marco D´Amico
Fashion coordinator: Romina Toscano
Mua&hair: Antonio Ciaramella
Model: Giusy Petrucci
Fashion assistants: Antonio Panella and Marilina Curci
Photo assistant: Martina Monopoli

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