Eleonora Moccia was born in Rome in 1981. In 2008, after earning a degree in Psychology, she moved to the well-known footwear district of San Mauro Pascoli, where she attended the course "designer and model of shoes" at the CERCAL, Centre for Research and International School footwear, chaired by well-known entrepreneur and fashion designer Sergio Rossi. 
 Since 2009 collaborates with major fashion companies such as Pollini, Moschino and Milan by ROCHAS as an assistant fashion designer Marco Zanini. 

In 2011, for personal reasons, decided to return to hers hometown. 
Young but determined, she decides to pull off the ultimate courage and invest in a new project by taking the difficulties; the push towards new challenges both professional and human tribute to the memory of his parents from which it draws strength and inspiration. 
So, in January 2012, the first Trenta7 collection of the brand, created and cared for personally by the designer in all aspects of creative, organizational and commercial.


The masculine in the feminine. The empty and the full set. Split ends, faux hinges, cuts and unusual accessories. And the contrast is the watchword for Eleonora Moccia. Minimalist but not minimal.  

A brand style, elegant, refined and different, as the brand logo, distorted, with the number 37, number alchemy for the designer, turned to the contrary and verticalised to symbolize the strength and the desire to break the mold. 

Leather and high-quality materials are the protagonists of all creations. The craftsmanship and art Italian manufacturing industry, which is totally responsible for production, complement the minimalist style but innovative trenta7.


For her new F/W 2013/2014 collection; Eleonora Moccia draws inspiration directly from her psychological studies. Anima Animus is the perfect combination of the male and female energy each and every human being has inside. 

This collection builds upon the work of the psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung and his research on deep psychology and human psyche. Jung used to call ANIMA the feminine archetype in the unconscious of the male, and ANIMUS the masculine archetype in the unconscious of the female; these energies lie at the basis of the process of falling in love. 
Anima is the symbol of connection, protection and affection, whereas animus is the symbol of reflection, control, determination and planning. From the meeting of these two energies, the principles of Eleonora Moccia’s collection arise: strictness and control open to passion and feelings, leading to an original and refined synergy. 

The complementary geometric contrasts show the interaction between levity and gravity. Vertical fissures open on leather sandals or décolleté. The collection also sees the return of the briefcase catch, dear to the designer, influenced by transparent or full color PVC, a new test for the brand’s upcoming hot season. Only a woman who is confident in her femininity is able to freely express her male side, her rationality, courage, sense of initiative, commitment and self-sufficiency, without forgoing the glamorous appeal of her true essence.

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