Supernovae: an astral explosion, highly energetic that indicates the final stage of the massive stars´evolution. An explosion of a Supernova is charachterized by a bright emission, so shining that it equals the galaxy´s luminosity for limited amount of time.

The "Supernovae" collection of Simone Rainer F/W 2013/2014 rapresents the peak of a creative process. An explosion of material geometries such as galactic flakes and the appearence of new stars within the celestial sphere.

The collection itself is presenting as a strong will to explore the universe and space: "Step outside and gaze the stars." The desire to liberate oneself of the corporal heaviness caused through the strength of gravity and jump towards the magnificent moon. Galaxies far away and near that expand to spirals following the rules of the golden ratio. Evoking the will to be in the center of a pitch dark space enlighted by sparkling diamonds, vibrating points and burst of light that leave one breathless.

Daydreams about an impossible journey far away of Mother Earth, looking for a new and tridimensional perfection.

Almost a trip to the moon of a contemporary Little Prince, observing the vault of heaven and its infallible mathematical logics. This was the premordial journey: meticulous and precise. Admiring the Cosmographic Mystery Of Kepler, living the precision of the lunar phases and measure perfect orbits.

Yet Simone Rainer has been overpowered by sights so emotional that he forgot this mission. 
Enchanted by Cassiopea and its supernovae all that is left, is for him to bring back the earth fragments of the stars.

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