Costume National Ennio Capasa of always thinking about creating a modern woman who works for the fall 2012 and developed his unique stylistic vision of deconstructed design with sartorial taste, overlaps and contrasts games. Declined in a classic traditional look black - see the blazers and pantsuits - are revisited enriched with leather lapels, asymmetrical hems and zippers while adding layers of fabric and thick 3D effect gives an interesting play of textures.Strong presence of contrasting materials developed as a bomber that mix leather and fur or leather sheath skirts high waist which shift the attention of wool top with a transparent tape on the breast tissue. The feeling is that this autumn 2012, the National Women's Costume has a second life as a spy: oversized hats, and men of taste and mirror sunglasses squared are therefore the perfect accessories to hide their identity.Mysterious? Yes, but also infinitely relaxed thanks to that way of wearing coats, with nonchalant deconstructed by resting on the shoulders. 8--

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