AI12 collections have proposed different versions of the dark and evocative style, but no one is able to interpret it with the same grace and poetry of Ann Demeulemeester. After all, regardless of changes in fashion, is a type of mood and atmosphere that saw the lead role of several years. The collection for next autumn is sober, defined by a color palette of midnight blue and jet black skin and suggested refined silk dresses which give the feeling of being carved from obsidian.And yet the clothes are sumptuous, from jackets with draped delicately curled yoke of high impact and an elaborate play of folds and wrinkles framing the neck. Punk-inspired feathered headdresses, gloves, elbow and thigh boots, pirate-style aura give more aggressive with soft asymmetrical garments.Overall the collection is defined as a strong atmosphere and elegant dialogue between most delicate atmospheres. A memorable and very successful approach since, in their last outing, the models were greeted by a chorus of acclaim. Where she lost in men´s f/w 2012/2013, she over-win at women´s collection. 10

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