TODD LYNN F/W 2010/2011

Stirred by a time of restlessness, Todd Lynn goes hunting for Autumn/Winter 2010. In an evolution of Lynn's fierce, lean silhouette, tones of gunmetal, taupe, fawn and black are gathered, in fabrics ranging from ponyskin, leather and fur to shadow cotton and stretch wool.

Shoulders are tough and caged with strap details. Heavy SAGA Fox® furs are layered over jackets or built into their construction, either as black SAGA Silver Fox® or wild, untamed SAGA Gold Cross Fox®.

Gilet shapes and layering contrast Lynn's signature cut, the mix of power and poise underscored by a sense of simply being prepared. The designer's cigarette pants follow the mood, becoming further pronounced, their leather-embellished slash pockets emphasising a dynamic, Jodhpur shape.

Details are targeted; ultra light, mohair mix knits have a cutout, three-piece shoulder, drawing focus on what's simultaneously a powerful yet sensual, vulnerable part of the body.

Guerriere boots by Christian Louboutin have multi-buckle strap details, whilst the men's calf-high Warrior style adds extraneous zip tracks and repeated eyelets.

Perrin of Paris collaborate to produce gloves and lace-up elbow guards, to a soundtrack once again composed by The Invasion of.... and The Libertines' Gary Powell.

Autumn/Winter's band of contemporary warriors represent a tougher, more utilitarian take on Lynn's established rock and roll vocabulary, challenging the unpredictable and the uncontrollable.
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