Kostas Murkudis

By Modesta Dziautaite

Looking through my ‘inspiration’ folders, I rediscovered Kostas Murkudis’s lookbook imagery for the past two seasons. Although setting up his label in Berlin years ago, the designer has remained under the radar of commercial exposure, all the while making clothes he defines as “exceptional complexity”. Having assisted Helmut Lang, an undertone of minimalism can be seen in his work, which he combines with an avant-garde theme, such as transparency - to produce wearable, long-lasting pieces, not basics.

What I love about his work is that he never conforms to trends, instead uses his singular vision to define a feeling or mood he’s inspired by, and ends up producing a collection years ahead of the industry. His recent experimentation with colour blocking PVC has had me craving a pair of sheer and 3D-esqe trousers long before the Avatar obsession. Inspirational imagery like this makes me anticipate his collection every season.

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