From Wallet Man to Wunderkind: Timo Weiland's Fall 2010 Collection Proves The Kid's Got Chops

By Kristian Laliberte

We remember when Timo Weiland was making wallets out of a MacDougal Street basement. In less than a year, the designer with the funky name joined forces with Alan Eckstein to create an eponymous collection that has been generating some major buzz.The presentation on Tuesday, following Timo and Alan's cover spot on Time Out NY, has helped the duo blow up their spot big-time. With some period flavor (think Gangs of New York) the label's sophomore showing amped it up a notch or twenty. The fabrics especially blew our mind as there was five types of tweed, horse-hair vests (!), pin-tucked chiffon skirts, and custom-printed gold and navy silks. From wallet-man to wunderkind—Timo's stellar collection had us all asking, "How far can he go?"






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