Elise Øverland RTW Fall 2010 / NYCFW Day-04

For a designer known for creating clothes suitable for the front row of a Rollins Band reunion concert, Øverland showed surprising restraint for fall, and to chic — but still sexy — effect. There was the requisite leather minidress, but this time it was rendered soft with a cool drape in the back, in rust and persimmon hues. Nipped-in black wool jackets had leather insets and arms; a terrific simple trench was worked from the same mixed materials. And when Øverland ventured to use such fabrics as silk, chiffon and also velvet, her pieces took on a louche glamour, as with a billowy blue velvet suit that any one of her skinny-pant-wearing clients would look great in.

© by WWD / Photos by George Chinsee

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