Giorgio Armani Men's RTW Fall 2010 / MFW-Day04

Giorgio Armani tossed his beret into the bleachers at the end of his men’s wear show on Tuesday. It was a fitting gesture as the Italian designer’s tipped his hat to French style with a collection that took cues from the dapper personal style of Paul Poiret.

Much like the turn-of-the-century Parisian designer famous for his avant-garde silhouettes, Armani played with proportions – sometimes cropped, sometimes voluminous.

He also riffed on a military theme dating back to Poiret's époque, adding his own je-ne-sais-quoi via lush, textured fabrics. Sporting jaunty berets and horn-rimmed eyeglasses, models wore knitted peacoats over jersey pantaloons tucked into army boots or gaiters.

Each exit that followed featured more fluid pieces, from slouchy pants and plush sports jackets to the velvet evening suits that paraded for the finale.

In a season where casual chic is front and center, Armani reminded his audience that casual doesn’t necessarily mean sloppy.

© by WWD / Photos by Giovanni Giannoni

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